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We are excited to begin exploring your visa options in our Qualifying Session. If you need professional assistance right away, fill up our short form and hit that Send button on the right now.

You will be able to speak directly with an experienced registered migration agent over the phone or via Skype. The purpose of the Qualifying Session is to ensure that you know all your options well and to plan with you the best pathway to meeting your migration goals. You will also learn of any hidden risks in your application and avoid those nasty surprises down the track.

Our professional fees are $150 for your Qualifying Session which goes for up to an hour. You will also receive a letter of advice confirming our recommendations. When you do decide to proceed with our Full Professional Support services within 2 weeks of last consulting with us, we waive your fees from the Qualification Session.

UPDATE 13 MARCH 2020: Your health and the health of our staff is important to us. In view of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, all of our Qualifying Sessions will be taking place via phone or Skype. Thank you for your consideration.

  • You will soon...
  • Understand all of your visa options clearly
  • Avoid common pitfalls
  • Know what to expect amidst the uncertain Australian immigration landscape

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Australian Migration Services for you & your family

Professional immigration advice on how best to get on track

Pre-Lodgement Application Review

Electronic review completed within 5 business days
Have your full partner visa application reviewed by an experienced Australian-registered migration consultant prior to lodging it yourself.
  • Written report detailing on all the recommendations of amendments required for your application
    Peace of mind before lodging your application
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Qualifying Session

($150) Phone or Skype (In-person consultations are temporarily suspended.)
Our Australian-registered migration consultant answers the tricky questions unique to your circumstances.
  • Plan your visa options and migration pathway in detail based on your individual circumstances
  • Clarify your urgent questions
  • Receive relevant information and plan steps on how best to proceed with your application
  • Receive a detailed written letter of advice within 5 business days.

Full Professional Support

Professional fees that are tailored your needs
Everything looked after by our experienced Australian-registered migration consultant for you to lodge the strongest application for a maximum chance of success.
  • Detailed guidance on how to make the best of your evidence
  • All immigration forms, statements, compilation of documents completed on your behalf
  • Legal submissions prepared to support your application
  • Correspondences with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf
  • Never miss a deadline
We keep you on track till you reach the finish line

Professional Support

Assessment of your eligibility
Receive a thorough and detailed assessment of your eligibility of your visa.
Timely lodgement
Have us set small milestones along the way for you so that you complete your lodgement on time.
Tailored document checklists
Collect your documents by referring to a document checklist tailored to your individual circumstances from scratch.
Web-based tools
Use secure web-based tools that help you complete each aspect of your application with ease.
Your statements are examined in the context of the relevant law
All of your statements are checked by your registered migration agent against the Migration Act and Migration Regulations. We also do up legal submissions accompanying your application.
We cross-check all forms
Sometimes immigration forms may contain conflicting information with your statements, and vice versa. We go through it all to make sure your facts are complete and consistent.
Request for further information
Have us attend to requests for further information from the Department of Home Affairs.
We keep you informed
When any updates come up that would affect your application, we let you know immediately.
Updates to your evidence
Get continued support and advice on updating your evidence where we see fit once every 4-6 months after your application is lodged.
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