March 20, 2022

New visa option for Ukrainian passport holders

The office of Hon Alex Hawke, MP Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Aff​airs has released news confirming that a new visa type will become available for Ukrainian passport holders. This new visa, the subclass 786 visa, will allow Ukrainian visa holders to stay in Australia and also access Medicare while in Australia for up to 3 years. School-aged children are also able to continue their studies in Australia while on this visa. As the relevant legislation is still being drafted, this visa is not available for application yet. We are hopeful that we will see this new visa option in action soon.

Ukrainian applicants are currently being prioritised across all visa categories. Approximately 5000 temporary (and some permanent) visas have been granted to Ukrainians since 23 February 2022 and around 750 Ukrainians in this cohort of applicants have now arrived in Australia.

As of present, the quickest option for Ukrainian passport holders remains the subclass 600 visitor visa. If you are a Ukrainian passport holder and have family in Australia, you may wish to get in touch us to find out which option suits you best and when to apply.

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