OMARA Code of Conduct

Legal and ethical practices are important to us. We follow a strict code of conduct under the Australian Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority ("OMARA").

Australian law dictates that anyone who holds themselves out to be a migration agent or advisor must be registered with the OMARA. The detailed rules and regulations imposed are prescribed in Section 314 of the Migration Act 1958 and Schedule 2, Regulation 8 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998.

Click here to access the full copy of the code of conduct. These regulations impose obligations on a registered migration agent to attend regular training on Australian immigration laws, demonstrate competency in providing immigration advice and be a person of good character.

A general information sheet prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs on the regulation of Australian registered migration agents can be found here. Clients of Kin Migration acknowledge having perused this information sheet prior to making payment for our services.


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