Unsure if your partner visa application is any good? Have it reviewed by an experienced registered migration agent as part of our:

Pre-Lodgement Application Review Services

Concerned that you may not have the "typical mix of evidence"?

Looking at lodging at partner visa application by yourself but not too sure if you've done it the "right way"?

You're probably doing an Australian partner visa application for the first time. You've had a look at the Department of Home Affairs' website and some web forums. There are general web articles all over the internet and you've done your research.

You know your visa application is not a gamble. Have your partner visa application checked by a registered migration agent within 7 business days prior to lodging it yourself. We provide a full written report on improvements required for a stronger application that you will feel more confident about.
  • Please note that this service may not be suitable for you if you have...
  • Criminal history
  • Health conditions
  • Previous sponsorships
  • Significant age gap with your partner
  • Lived together with your partner for less than 12 months
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