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July 25, 2020

How to quickly navigate a travel ban exemption application

Long distance relationships are challenging, gruelling, and bittersweet at best for most. Not being able to determine the date you would be able to see each other again in these uncertain, post-pandemic times may be even more so. After having spoken with numerous couples who are struggling to reunite with each other in Australia, we decided to put together some quick facts to help you navigate the travel ban exemption application process with a clearer understanding:

  1. There is no cost associated with this travel ban exemption application.
  2. You must create an account on this portal and submit your application through this website.
  3. Following which, you would be asked questions clarifying the basis on which you are applying for the travel ban exemption. You will need to fill in your personal information as requested by the short online form.
  4. You are required to provide supporting evidence of not more than 5 attachments in total, and under 5MB in size each. You may merge several pieces of evidence into 1 file. Make sure you pick the most important ones and do not overload your application with evidence that has little weight*.
  5. You do not need to provide as much evidence as you would in a partner visa application. However, we recommend you provide evidence covering the 4 aspects of your relationship where possible.
  6. Please note that simply submitting a marriage certificate/relationship registration certificate with a joint bank account statement, a few photos and Form 888s will NOT typically suffice for this travel ban exemption application.
  7. You may apply more than once for this travel ban exemption, however if your circumstances have not changed significantly since the last time you applied, you may receive the same result.

General template for your relationship statements

Both you and your partner may complete a signed statement each supporting your de facto or marital relationship. It is best if the Australian sponsor (i.e. the Australian citizen/PR in your relationship) can complete a commonwealth statutory declaration.

Make sure to discuss in each of your relationship statements:

  1. The history of your relationship: when you first met online (if applicable), when you first met in person, how your relationship evolved, when you became an exclusive couple, circumstances surrounding you decision to begin living together, when you became engaged/registered your relationship/got married
  2. The social aspects of your relationship: how your relationship was like prior to covid-19, how you have been keeping in touch, whether you have been speaking with your partner's families,
  3. The financial aspects of your relationship: how intertwined your finances are, whether you have a joint account, how you have decided to manage your finances together, whether one party has been supporting the other
  4. Your plans together and your long-term commitment to each other: marriage, civil partnership registration in Australia or outside of Australia, superannuation listing, wills, etc.
  5. Your short-term plans when you can reunite in Australia
  6. Discuss why it is not viable for the Australian partner to leave Australia to join the non-Australian partner
  7. Discuss the challenges you have overcome together as a couple: How you have been coping long-distance relationship, through what means you have been communicating and how frequently you have been communicating. The Australian partner may discuss how being temporarily apart is affecting them - please be careful when discussing mental health issues as they have to be supported with concrete evidence

*You may need to seek advice with a registered immigration consultant or agent on what may be given more weight based on your and your partner’s circumstances.

The above template is for general informational purposes only and may not work best for all scenarios and all couples. Please use your own discretion if you choose to rely on this alone to help you with your travel ban exemption application.

To ensure that you have the most optimal migration pathway set out for you and your partner, take no risks and speak directly to an Australian-registered migration agent and lawyer over a detailed Strategy Session to receive advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

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